Mediation Fees & Scheduling

Mediation Fees and scheduling2

Mediation Scheduling:

  • While one-half day mediations typically begin at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm and last four (4) hours, the parties may select shorter mediation sessions that are available.
  • Full day mediations ordinarily begin at 9:30 am and include a working lunch.
  • Mid-day mediations will begin at 11:00 am, last two (2) hours and will also include a working lunch.

Mediation sessions continue until work is completed, subject only to conflicts with other scheduled mediations. If parties desire, weekend sessions are also available.

While most disputes are resolved without additional sessions; occasionally, the parties may mutually agree to a second mediation session. Unless otherwise agreed, any subsequent session will incur additional mediation fees as stated herein.

Mediation Fees:

Mediation fees are charged on a per party basis for each mediation session and are based upon:
1) the number of parties,
2) the duration,
3) and the location of the mediation.

All parties represented by the same attorney or law firm are considered a single party in calculating the mediation fee. Upon request, per party fees for most mediations may be reduced after four (4) or more parties have paid a mediation fee and incremental multiparty expenses have been considered.

The duration of a mediation session for a court ordered Expedited Action (EA) case will be limited to two (2) hours and the mediation fee for cases mediated in Dallas County will be equal to twice the amount of the case filing fees to be divided equally among the parties.  EA mediations that exceed two (2) hours in length will be billed at the customary additional hourly rate.

The daily mediation fee includes:

  • scheduling (one hour) and administering the session
  • reviewing pleadings, etc.
  • participating in pre-mediation phone conferences
  • conducting the mediation session
  • conducting post-mediation telephone conferences
Mediation Fee Per Party*
Duration Court Appointed Attorney Referral
(with or without court order)
Two Hours (MVA) $275 $250
Two Hours (other) $350 $300
Three Hours $450  $400
One-half Day (4 hours) $500  $450
Full Day  (8 hours)            $1300  $1200
 *Subject to reduction for four or more paying parties.

Excess scheduling time and mediation sessions that exceed the agreed length of time shall incur an additional hourly fee to be divided between the parties:
1-2 parties – $375.00, 3 parties – $400.00, 4 or more – $450.00.

Mediation conducted outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area may be billed as a full day and mediator travel expenses may be incurred.  The attorney referral and two hour MVA discounts will not apply to mediations conducted outside Dallas County.

Mediation fees are due two (2) weeks prior to the mediation date and must be paid prior to the commencement of the mediation session. No client checks will be accepted without prior approval and all checks should be made payable to “Charles A. Oliver, P.C.”.